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I recently developed a passion for the world of electronics and step by step I learnt how to assemble simple prototypes, how to “read the world ”through electronic sensors (acceleration,temperature, conductivity, light, infrared radiation, humidity, colors, RFID, etc..), how to stream, decode and log data, how to program simple web-servers and microcontrollers (Arduino, RaspberryPI, WioLink, etc...) and how to “change the world” through actuators (motors, pistons, switches, lights, IR transmitters, etc..). I created some projects for pure fun and some projects that helped me understanding principles and writing concrete and structured specifications for thedevelopment of innovative control/intelligence solutions in my job.

2018 May - our first Ai-Robot

2013 November - our first little robot

2014 August - wired control glove

2014 August - wireless control glove

2014 August - wireless control Test01 - SLOW

2014 August - wireless control Test02 - FAST

2014 August - RFID ID system